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ME to ME


About ME to ME campaign

Eyewear brand“999.9”starts a campaign with the topic of “ME to ME-connect you with other person’s eye”. Today, smartphone and SNS become popular, but there is less opportunity for “People and people” to face to face by “eye”. The eyewear brand of 999.9 displays necessity of happiness and aims to face “the eyes of modern people “to the future by providing the communication of “eye to eye” through smartphone and WEB.

Portrait camera “metomecamera”

“Metomecamera” is 999.9 original iOS APP created as the main content of “ME to ME” campaign. Perfect portrait can be created by taking picture with friends, family or taking Selfie by using the APP. The portrait combines the expressions taken and many animations freely, so let’s finish the portrait you only have. The finished portrait can be used as profile image of your SNS account and be shared with other person.

How to take part in ME to ME campaign site

How to take part in ME to ME campaign site.
You can take part in ME to ME campaign site by sharing portrait from “metomecamera” of 999.9 original ・iOS APP from your SNS account.#9999metome

About 999.9

“999.9” is the eyewear brand that continues to pursue the quality of highest degree of purity. From establishment in 1995, basing on the concept “Glasses should be Fine Tools”, 999.9 pursue functionality of tool of orthoptics to continue to create glasses frame with beautiful shape. From 2011, “999.9” leverages performance in glasses frame to develop sun glasses with concept “To feel sunlight with comfort” and “999.9 feelsun”.